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Taiwan High Court Kaohsiung Branch Court


Litigation counseling


1. Litigation counseling

Answers parties’ inquiries about the proceedings of the case and the court verdict. The parties can get information on the court day and the court verdict by inputting the case number into the touch-screen computer, or obtain the case number, the court day and the court verdict by sending in a written inquiry to the service.

For legal matters involving substantive litigation or legal provisions, please contact the Civilian Legal Service Center of the Kaohsiung Bar Association in district courts in the jurisdiction of this court.

Legal Aid Foundation

2. Information Counter

In order to give the parties’ a broad perspective on the proceedings, the Customer Service Desk provides the public with a wide range of materials on the law.

3. Volunteer Service Counter

In order to integrate social resources and to expand litigation assistance, the Court invites those who are concerned with the welfare of the public to offer guiding service as volunteers of the Court.

4. Other Service Facilities

Smoking is not permitted in the public areas or the court. Those who want to smoke should come to the smoking area outside the gate on the first floor. All courts offer drinking fountains and free paper cups.

The Court has various facilities for the disabled, such as wheelchair ramps, restrooms, parking lots and so on, as well as courtesy wheelchairs for the disabled.

Courtesy umbrellas, nursery rooms and diaper changing areas are available.

  • Release Date:2021-05-14
  • Update:2021-07-02